Where to Buy Body Gospel – A Body Gospel Scam Warning

Buy Body GospelIf you’re looking to buy Body Gospel, the only place to guarantee that you’re receiving a legitimate copy of the program is directly from the manufacturer, Beachbody. There are many other popular sites out there that may claim to sell Body Gospel for a special low price, but unless you order Body Gospel directly from Beachbody’s secure online store, you can’t be sure that you’re getting the correct product.

Due to the increasing popularity of the Body Gospel workout there have been a large amount of imitators trying to claim they have the same product that is offered by Beachbody at significantly lower price points. That is certainly not the case, and the only way to assure yourself that you are getting the original Body Gospel workout designed by Donna Richardson Joyner is to purchase it directly through Beachbody’s official online store.

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Body Gospel Scam Warning – eBay and Craigslist

Websites like Craigslist and eBay are certainly helpful in many situations. Unfortunately, people will use these sites to try and sell bootlegged or pirated copies of certain DVD’s, which has been the case with some of the previous workouts that have been produced by Beachbody. Even if you see a posting for Body Gospel on one of these third-party sites there is no way to guarantee that it is an original version of the program and not a pirated, low-quality version. In fact, the odds are nearly 100% that you’re going to receive an illegal pirated copy.

Looking on sites like eBay and Craigslist may allow you to find similar programs to Body Gospel, but the only way to guarantee you receive the official Body Gospel workout program that is endorsed by Beachbody is to purchase it directly from them.

Benefits to Buying Body Gospel from Beachbody?

There are multiple benefits to buying Body Gospel directly from Beachbody compared to finding a cheaper, and possibly bootlegged version elsewhere. First of all you will receive Beachbody’s risk free, money-back guarantee. This risk free trial allows you to participate in a trial offer that only costs you the price of shipping and handling. As mentioned on our Body Gospel reviews page, this allows you to try out the Body Gospel routines to see if they suit you before being forced to pay full price.

Another benefit of buying Body Gospel from Beachbody is the additional extras that are included with your payment. While you will obviously receive the six DVD workout routines, you will also get three bonus gifts. Two of the gifts are additional workout DVD’s that contain separate Body Gospel workouts that aren’t available in stores or on the other discs. The third bonus gift is a three-day jump-start plan that can help you lose three pounds in three days with quick and effective techniques. These three items are included at no extra cost when you order Body Gospel. These three products would cost approximately $80 if purchased separately.

The third benefit to ordering Body Gospel directly from Beachbody is the free t-shirt that is available after your participation in Body Gospel. All that you have to do to earn your free, Body Gospel t-shirt is to take before and after photos of yourself and mail them in to BeachBody.com. This will allow you to showcase the results that you achieved using the Body Gospel program, and will give you a free shirt just for showing off your new body!

What’s Included When You Buy Body Gospel?

Other than the six DVD’s and the three additional gifts that are included, when you buy Body Gospel you’ll also receive additional tools to help you achieve optimum results. Included with your payment for Body Gospel are Donna Richardson Joyner’s Body Gospel Bands. These are the same resistance bands that Donna uses while performing the workout routines that you will see on the videos, and they will allow you to perform each routine you see on the film.

You will also receive Body Gospel’s Total Transformation Guide. This includes a 30-day workout calendar, goal-tracking journal, and even a daily scripture to help strengthen your personal spirit and your faith. Body Gospel also includes a wonderful booklet that can help you achieve your personal nutrition goals as well. Known as the Feed Your Body, Feed Your Soul Nutrition Guide, this pamphlet will help you lose weight, increase your energy, and eat healthy without having to implement an extreme diet. With any workout routine, nutrition is approximately 80 percent of your goal, so this is a wonderful tool.

Finally, ordering Body Gospel from Beachbody will provide you with 24/7 online access to Body Gospel’s exclusive online website. There you can participate in chats with fellow users and even Donna herself, as well as receive nutrition and fitness tips. You will also receive the Body Gospel Training Cards, which are a series of cards that are perfect for beginning trainers or those of you who are always on the move. These allow you to get a quick workout into your busy schedule no matter where you are!

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